Cheyenne Weaver: Style in Process

Cheyenne Weaver is an artist, designer and naturalist who appreciates the process.  That moment of inspiration, kicked off by an idea, when the materials are in your hands and then that something…magical happens.  It’s as much about the journey of exploration for Cheyenne as it is arriving at the destination.

I had the pleasure of visiting Cheyenne’s home at a test pilot of Feast for Days a few weeks ago, and was absolutely taken in by the soothing feel and cleverly curated vibe of her dwelling space.  The texture, colors and her eye for editing are all very natural: her own gift for making is evident throughout the home.  But it’s the small details your eye rests on.  Light line art above the stove.  Painted details on a remade side table.  Bright pops of color amidst natural finishes. Casually undone, but so together all at once.

Cheyenne is a student at the Austin Center for Design and is in the process of kicking off her project as co-creator of The Girls Guild.  Talking with Cheyenne, I got to know a lot about her artistic influences, hippie parents, love for 18th century exploration, and how collaboration inspired The Girls Guild.

Design Influences

Cheyenne is an artist, she needs no design influences!  What Cheyenne actually told me is that she is inspired by ideas from artists she has collaborated with in the past, such as Andrea Bowers.  After graduating from CalArts, it was the opportunity to work with an established artist like Bowers which provided the genesis for The Girls Guild.  As a space for a group of emerging artists to work alongside her in the creative process, Bowers facilitated a sense of collaboration and community which left an incredible impression on Cheyenne.  Enough so, that it’s clear Cheyenne wants other young women to share in such a rich experience.  And while working with artist Ingrid Calame, Cheyenne spent long periods of time tracing elaborate stains on various surfaces throughout the city of Los Angeles, which became the basis for some of Calame’s large scale and intricately layered paintings.

Hippie Parents and Nascent Artistic Talent

Cheyenne had a natural knack in art class.  Hailing from Austin she grew up attending Montessori and Waldorf-style schools and had emphasis on creative learning at an early age.  Her parents were also hippies!  Not too unusual for Austin, Texas.  Her father, Bob Weaver, teaches jewelry making locally and made the rings featured in the photos (so art is clearly in the blood). But Cheyenne really got bit by the art beetle when she went to Sarah Lawrence in New York and was exposed to the broader art world.  There she began doing etchings and intaglios.  Then moving to San Francisco and the Art Institute, she painted, but really fell in love with video, installation and performance art.  Later settling in at CalArts, she began to create sculpture, some of it on a very large scale.  I was able to look at her piece On Crypsis & the Worm Ouroboros firsthand (it’s in her bedroom), such an intriguing dimensional look at man’s interaction with nature, softened by watercolor brushstrokes – it very much reflects Cheyenne’s own ideas and interests.  Now, at the Austin Center for Design, Cheyenne is designing collaborations between young women and local artists to empower building a community of makers.

Other Things Cheyenne Likes (alpha)

  • Beetles
  • Eyeglasses, Frames, Vintage
  • Ferns
  • Gerlach, Scott
  • Hardware, Doors, Tape, Neon-Wrapped
  • Pants
  • Taxonomy
  • Terrariums




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  • Illustration
  • Girls Guild
  • Dining Room
  • Agar Series
  • Vintage butterflies
  • Chevron Side Table
  • On Crypsis & the Worm Ouroboros
  • Bedroom
  • Vintage Stove
  • Kitchen
  • Beetle
  • Terrarium
  • Living Room
  • Ring


  1. I love Cheyenne, and love her work. Great photos of all the magic she has created in her house! Girl’s Guild is going to be a wonderful new service to the Austin community. I’m honored to be a part of it and glad a gem like Cheyenne is one of its founders.

  2. Jen Ardill wrote:

    What a great article – congrats to Cheyenne on her recent graduation!

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