History of Street Art with Ann Armstrong and Girls Guild

My first experience with Girls Guild today was top notch!  Meeting with a group of inquisitive and wonderfully talented women at today’s hosted sessions had me asking: why have I never made street art?!  I’ve long admired it, but it’s often the obvious thing staring you in the face that only requires some encouragement and asking the right question.  So, a big thank you to Ann, Girls Guild and all the participants.

Street art is a powerful form to connect with your community, to inspire, to make.  We learned a bit about the history of the movement, different categorizations, and even dipped the toe into legal territory.  My earliest connections are from the 80s and tagging via hip hop, but there are so many ways and forms by which to express both simple and complicated ideas.  My favorites were French artist JR‘s photography murals inspired by the people in their own communities, the 3-dimensional trash  sculptures of  Joshua Allen,  and the choose-your-own-adventure love story stenciled on the sidewalks of San Francisco’s Mission District.

After learning all about it from Ann, exchanging our own ideas, experiences and thoughts, we then were tasked to create a stencil of our own and headed outside to experiment with different permanent and non-permanent methods to make our mark on the world.  Spray chalk, blueberry juice, olive oil, and the classic spray paint all got their shot.  The results were very pleasing, but even more so was the idea that we could get together, be inspired and then share it with the world.  Yes, you can!

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