Walking South Congress

Today I was down doing some business at South Congress and took a break to grab some lunch and walk around.  Some of my favorite things about the South Congress area are the feel of the stores and their unique signage, so I focused on that in my photos. And there’s always at least one cool vintage car or hog around to take a quick shot of.  The ghost of SXSW still lingers with remarks on the signs and shop windows still pushing festival souvenirs.

After a pork belly sub Korean-style (better than their happy hour sliders, if you ask me!) with an IPA at Snack Bar, I popped into a few shops, and treated myself to a t-shirt from Austin favorite Storyville.  I couldn’t resist the siren’s call of this Hello? tee.  Maya Star aways delights me with their curio-style collection of unique jewelry pieces, Jonathan Adler pottery, and affordable to mid-range bohemian designer clothing with just the right bit of modernity and girlishness.

As I headed back to my car, I took a couple of shots of capoeira friends in mid-air action in the yard of the South Congress Avenue Baptist Church.

  • soco 001
  • soco 002
  • soco 003
  • soco 005
  • soco 006
  • soco 007
  • soco 008
  • soco 009
  • soco 010
  • soco 012
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  • soco 015
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  1. Jen wrote:

    I love your fresh look at SoCo. You capture it so well without being redundant. LOVE the pictures! : )

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